King will celebrate King’s Day in Emmen this year

King Willem-Alexander will be celebrating King’s Day 2024 with his family in Emmen. Mayor Eric van Oosterhout, together with the King’s Commissioner Jetta Klijnsma, invited the King to celebrate his birthday in the Municipality of Emmen. The King accepted the invitation.

The region in the spotlight

“We want to show the best of ourselves during the visit and would like to introduce the King and his family to the versatility of our city, the villages and the neighbourhoods. We also use this introduction to draw his attention to the residents’ pride in the municipality and region,” Mayor Eric van Oosterhout explains.


In the coming months, we will investigate which location in Emmen is most suitable for the programme. Preparations for putting together the programme on 27 April 2024 are starting now. The municipality is considering connecting the history of Emmen with the municipality’s present and future ambitions. “We want to show how neighbourliness plays an important role in our society.”

Important role RCP

The Mayor wants to show the important role of the 35 RCPs (Recognised Consultation Partners). They are committed to improving the quality of life in villages and neighbourhoods. Other themes that could be included in the programme are energy transition, the high-quality manufacturing industry and the Greenwise Campus. Attention can also be paid to the central function that Emmen fulfils in the region and how the Lower Saxony Line can contribute to this.

Role of residents

The programme offers room for the tourist-recreational sector, sports clubs, art and culture and social organisations. The municipality also actively invites residents to submit ideas and suggestions.

Party on a Drenthe scale

The municipality, together with the provincial authorities, wants to organise a party that’s in keeping with the Drenthe scale. Both in size and in terms of costs. “We hope that the King’s visit will be an unforgettable celebration for our municipality and the region and that it will contribute to the profiling of Emmen,” the Mayor says.