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On Saturday 27 April, Emmen is set to turn Orange. It will open its doors to the Royal family and the entire country. King’s Day will be a celebration of Orange for all. Will you celebrate King’s Day 2024 with us? You can read all visitor information below.

Royal walk

The Royal walk starts at 11 am and will be broadcast live by NOS on NPO1, on Saturday 27 April. In principle, the route (link to route page) is completed in two hours. The programme has now been confirmed.

To ensure you have a good spot along the route, you need to be early. Choose one spot along the route. You cannot walk along with the Royal family. It’s too busy for that. View the map to choose a good spot. Alternatively, you can follow the broadcast on one of the twelve large screens in the city centre.

Along the route, there are two special public areas reserved for visitors with (physical) disabilities. These two public areas are near Grote Kerk and at the square Raadhuisplein. A total of 90 places are available. You can register until 17 April, by completing the form.

Plattegrond met locaties van alle pleinen, toiletten, fietsenstallingen,

Visitors with disabilities

There are two public areas for visitors with disabilities. All places in the public areas have now been reserved. The Grote Kerk public area is located at plazas 3 and 4. The Raadhuisplein public area is located at plaza 9. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are located near the public areas. There will be volunteers who can help. All toilets located along the route are wheelchair accessible.

If you use a mobility scooter due to a physical disability, you can enter the site with it. Keep in mind that it is very busy, which makes it difficult to move.

King’s Day Festival

After the Royal walk, the King’s Day Festival will get the party going. Check the organisation’s website for more information.

King’s Market

During King’s Day, there is also a flea market: the King’s Market. The King’s Market is opened from 6.00 am to 4.00 pm and is held in the centre of Emmen. Check the organisation’s website for more information.

Public transport

The centre of Emmen is easy to reach by public transport. Additional buses and trains will be running. For the current King’s Day timetable, visit Tip: Buy your ticket in advance.


If you come by bike, note that some roads will be closed to cyclists. The cycling routes are signposted.

You can store your bike in the guarded bike storage basement at the street Wilhelminastraat, without charge. This is open on King’s Day from 8.30 am to Sunday 28 April 1.00 am. Alternatively, you can park your bike in one of the five temporary unguarded bike parks in the centre of Emmen. You can find these here:

  • green strip Noordeind / Weerdingerstraat
  • green strip N381 / Hondsrugweg
  • green strip Westenesscherstraat / Vreding
  • green strip Wilhelminastraat / public garden Insulinde
  • parking spaces Minister Kanstraat

Note: Are you coming to the city centre on Friday evening, 26 April, by bike, moped or scooter? In that case, bear in mind that from Saturday 27 April a tow-away scheme applies, from 1 am onwards. Has your bike, moped or scooter been towed away? You can pick it up at Ben Kwijt (Prins Hendrikweg 10, 7811 KD Emmen), without charge. You must of course be able to prove that it is your vehicle, for example by showing your key. Don’t feel like having to pick up your vehicle at Ben Kwijt? Then make sure you have removed your vehicle before 1 am on Saturday 27 April.

Parking and accessibility

If you come by car, you can park at P-Oost (Van Schaikweg 55, Emmen) or at Meerdijk (Stadionplein 1, Emmen), both free of charge. Free shuttle buses run from Meerdijk to the centre of Emmen on King’s Day, from 8 am to Sunday 28 April, 1 am.

You can park for a fee at Q-park Wildlands (Ermerweg 28, Emmen) and at the car park for Kinepolis (Westeind 70). Follow the yellow signs ‘P Koningsdag’ for the fastest route to the parking facilities.

We recommend using public transport as much as possible or coming by bike to avoid long traffic jams at car parks and on diversion routes.

Note: Are you coming to the centre of Emmen by car? Bear in mind that (underground) car parks are not accessible and will be closed. Check the map to see where you can park and when. Times may vary. No cars may be left parked. Any cars that are still there will be towed away. Permit holders can use an alternative car park. They have received a personal message about this.

Taxi ranks

Check the map for information about taxi ranks. You can use the location for ‘Drop and collect’ at parking facility P-Oost. You can reach this via the street Emmalaan.


More than 100 free mobile toilets will be installed in the centre. Disabled toilets will be installed with these as well. In addition, two additional disabled toilets will be installed in the public areas for people with a (physical) disability at the square Raadhuisplein and near Grote Kerk.

Photos and videos

Of course, you can take photos and videos, but you cannot use a drone to do so. You are not allowed to take drones onto the event site, and you are not allowed to use them to fly over the centre of Emmen on King’s Day from 7 am onwards.

(Body) search

It is possible that you will be searched at the entrance to the event site. You are not allowed to bring glass and/or weapons onto the event site. You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks, provided it is not contained in glass.


You can pay by card in the shops and on the event site. Note that you may need to pay in cash at the King’s Market.

Entertainment area

Pubs and bars will be open on Friday 26 April until midnight. Live music can be heard in various pubs and bars on Friday evening, in most cases from as early as 7 pm.

On Saturday 27 April, pubs and bars will be open all day, also along the route.


Shops in the centre may be open all day on King’s Day. Retailers will decide for themselves whether they do so. Thursday 25 April from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm is a special King’s evening with activities, entertainment and late-night shopping. On Sunday 28 April, shops are open in the centre of Emmen from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. On Sunday 28 April, parking is free throughout the centre.

Check the website of the Emmen city centre retailers for more information.

Do you have a question or do you need further information? Please contact us.