King walks across squares through the centre of Emmen

King Willem-Alexander and the members of the Royal Family will start their visit to Emmen on King’s Day at the square Noorderplein. They will walk through the street Hoofdstraat to the square Marktplein. The walk continues through the street Hoofdstraat (between Lindenhof and Hospers House) to the entrance of Rensenpark and via the square Kerkplein towards the town hall. From there, the Royal family will complete the last part of the route. They walk to the square Raadhuisplein via the skate park and Wildlands. The visit will be concluded festively on the main stage.

Mayor Eric van Oosterhout is enthusiastic about the route. “It offers plenty of opportunities to showcase ourselves as a municipality and region to the King and the Royal family. The King walks through both the old and the new part of the city centre. And along the way, there’s plenty of room for spectators to follow the King’s visit up close.”


During the walk, the Royal family passes a number of squares where various themes connect the past of the municipality with the present. This is a perfect opportunity to show Emmen’s ambitions. “To lift a glimpse of the veil, we want to set up a square where our villages, neighbourhoods and the region can present themselves. At Rensenpark near the new Centre for Visual Arts (CBK), it’s mainly about culture. And since Drenthe is known as a cycling province, the bicycle is naturally included in the programme. In any case, it will be a wonderful party, where we’ll try to give as many ideas as possible a place,” Alderman Guido Rink explains. More information about the full programme will be announced mid-March.

Royal Weekend

King’s Day coincides with a Saturday this year. That’s why we’re turning it into a festive weekend in Emmen. In the centre, festive activities are organised by and with entrepreneurs (retail, catering, culture) from the city centre. For example, stores opening in the evening and on Sunday with a Royal touch, a flea market and a party on King’s Day at the square Raadhuisplein until late in the evening.

Involvement of local and regional companies

The municipality wants to involve as many local and regional businesses as possible in the organisation and implementation of the programme. This will result in, among other things, new collaborations between retailers and catering businesses. Such collaborations will lead to the establishment of an online store where soon you will be able to order King’s Day products.

Themes of pride, space and energy

The visit of the Royal family focuses on the themes of pride, space and energy. These themes are close to the hearts of Emmen residents.

Download the route map.